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Mindgroom Services , a multi-disciplinary learning enhancement center dedicated to children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, slow learning skills, ADD/ADHD and/or moderate autism.

We, at Mindgroom, prepare students today for being successful tomorrow through direct, intensive, research-based Cognitive Skills Training Programs in association with SOI (Structure of Intellect) Systems, USA along Multi-Sensory educational programs. These programs ensure significant gains in reading, writing, maths , attention, processing, working memory and more. As a result, learning becomes more fun for children and academics take on new meaning.

At Mindgroom we try and provide answers to “why” a student is not learning efficiently and successfully by going beyond academics and tutoring.
We develop their foundation for learning that leads to lifelong learning success. Our programs work on building and enriching the basic cognitive skills along with the Perceptual Motor Training Programs to train the brain and body in a holistic integrated approach. This makes learning enjoyable and academics more meaningful for the children.

Brain research over the last 40 years nearly has proven that your child’s brain has the ability to change. Brain training involves creating new axons and dendrites on your child’s nerve cells in the brain to follow for faster processing. In order to create new pathways in the brain, your child needs to complete fun and exciting exercises that strengthen the cognitive skills and learning abilities essential for school learning.

Mindgroom’s Learning Enhancement Program integrates effective brain training strategies and standardized programs like Dermatoglyphics multiple Intelligence Test, Brain Sync Program along with special education and remedial programs for children with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, slow Learners, and ADHD. We empower the students to build their foundation skills with SOI systems program and bridge the academic gap through Multi-Sensory Educational Programs. Ours is a holistic approach to supporting the students to achieve their potential at school.



Mindgroom Learning Center’s mission is to provide holistic services to children with learning disabilities, slow learners and mild autistic under one umbrella to build their fundamental cognitive skills along with bridging the academic gaps through multi-sensory educational therapy to help them reach and achieve their optimal potentials in learning and do well in their respective learning environments as independent learners.

Mindgroom Services provides professional and confidential counseling services for individuals, children, adolescents and couples at our centers. We also provide counseling and training services on location for organizations including Schools, Colleges, Corporates, NGOs etc.
Mindgroom Services represents a journey of awareness and growth, a progress, a transformation that leads towards your goals. Any change, transformation, awareness, real lasting progress to happen, will need to commence from your “Innermost Heart”. This transformation would enable the journey towards a new beginning. While “Grooming” represents hope, a new beginning, a positive movement, a move towards a better future. We are a group of trained counselors, who work with you to facilitate your journey of growth and greater awareness towards your emotional well-being, towards the progress that you want to make in your life.



We intend to promote health through behavioral changes and attempt to prevent illness in other ways as well. As a team of Thought professionals, we try to help people to lead a healthy life by the use of various techniques and technology which can help people to make long-lasting changes in their own lives by using thought interventions. These techniques are specifically designed and used to modify an individual’s behavior, emotional state, or feelings.

The ultimate goal behind thought interventions is not only to alleviate symptoms but also to target the root cause of the illness. These interventions can also be used to promote good health in order to prevent further illnesses. At Mindgroom these interventions are not tailored towards treating a condition but are designed to foster healthy emotions, attitudes and habits. Such interventions can improve quality of life and overall health. Interventions can be diverse and can be tailored specifically to the individuals or groups receiving treatment depending on their needs. This versatility adds to the effectiveness in addressing all kinds of situations.

“The benefit of personal growth and self-discovery is that we become better human beings with the strength to endure and carry on, and then we may experience something magical when we begin to reach out to others. We discover a feeling that is so rewarding and fulfilling: that fact that we can make a difference. Here is to your willingness to begin with making a difference with yourself!
Michael James”

― Michael James, Discovering Michael: An Inspirational Guide to Personal Growth & Self-Discovery

“If you discovered something that made you tighten inside, you had better try to learn more about it.”
― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle


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