Career Counseling Services

Counselling is a safe place for you to be yourself, for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding your life situations, your experiences, challenges, problem areas that you want to explore and understand better. Your counsellor is genuinely interested in your well being, your priorities and your progress towards your goals. The counselling relationship is warm, accepting and confidential where your counsellor accepts you as you are without forming any judgments about you.

 The counsellor provides an environment that is confidential and professional where you can feel safe to consider and attempt at new ways of thinking and behavior, develop new skills, gain clarity, make your decisions, discover personal strengths, identify resources within yourself and environment that you can leverage, and find ways to address or cope with your life situation effectively.

 The counsellor does not give advice or tell you what to do or give solutions to your problems. Your counsellor facilitates greater awareness of yourself, and enables you to manage your challenges better; work on improving yourself/your relationships and progress on the goals that you set for yourself. Your counsellor and you work together collaboratively on your areas of focus.

 The duration of the counselling process will depend on your goals that you want to set for yourself and your progress. You can set the pace that you are comfortable with. Your counselor will discuss with you to get your feedback on the approach, pace and make changes appropriately.


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