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Career counselling in Amritsar can be defined as counselling in Amritsar provided by best career counsellors in Amritsar to help individuals choose an appropriate career path, based on their interests, skills and abilities. The primary objective of career counselling in Amritsar is to help students select a field, that complements their abilities and skills the most. Hence, career guidance in Amritsar/career counselling in Amritsar is very important as it will help students to choose from various career options and select the career path, which is best for them based on their strengths and comfort zones. Career counselling in Amritsar works on the fact that if an individual works in his/her comfort zone, growth is more, with little efforts.

Career counselling in Amritsar is one of the areas covered in Counselling, which is a very broad field that aims at helping people and provides them with assistance with their mental health and well-being. There are many types of counselling in Amritsar that deal with different domains of an individual’s life, such as Career counselling in Amritsar, Marriage and Family Counselling in Amritsar, Rehabilitation Counselling in Amritsar, Mental Health Counselling in Amritsar, Substance Abuse Counselling in Amritsar.

Career counselling in Amritsar or Career guidance in Amritsar is a domain of counselling in Amritsar which focuses on helping individuals find the right career pathway in line with their strengths and interests. During career counselling in Amritsar, the individuals receive guidance from professional and experienced career counsellor in Amritsar, who provide expert advice on the potential, aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of carefully designed assessment tools. These assessment tools used for career counselling in Amritsar are both subjective and objective. After carefully studying the individual’s interests and aptitude in career counselling in Amritsar, career counsellor in Amritsar guide individuals to set their career goals.


During a career counselling session in Amritsar, career counsellor in Amritsar works with students and individuals in a well-defined pattern for career counselling in Amritsar. Career counsellor in Amritsar determines individual’s strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns and interests. Career counsellor in Amritsar uses many Assessment tools like Inborn Intelligence testing, Aptitude Test, IQ, Personality Test or Career Interest Inventory tests to understand the individual in career counselling in Amritsar. Based on the reports, the career counsellor in Amritsar then works along with the individual to find a potential and best-fit career choice during a career counselling session in Amritsar. From helping choose the right subjects, board, course, college to choosing the right job, the career counsellor in Amritsar guides an individual in mapping the entire pathway to the desired goal. This is what you can expect from a session of career counselling in Amritsar.


With so many new-age career options, career counselling in Amritsar has become a vital part of individual’s life. Students after completing their 10th are often indecisive of which Stream to choose further. This indecisiveness could be a result of social pressure, lack of parental guidance, multiple career options, ignorance of personal strengths and interests etc. During a Career counselling session in Amritsar, a career counsellor in Amritsar caters to these issues effectively. Although career counselling in Amritsar is vital for all age groups, earlier we opt for career counselling in Amritsar, better it is. Remember, there is no reverse gear in life! Career counselling in Amritsar is not just for students; working professionals, looking for mid-age career shift also opt for career counselling in Amritsar, if they are not happy with their work profile. Such individuals can identify their strengths and choose to work in their comfort zone by opting for career counselling session in Amritsar with an experienced career counsellor in Amritsar. At some of the career counselling centres in Amritsar, Career counsellor in Amritsar also connects students to industry experts, who represent as models to encourage and to positively reinforce the students. Factors like life satisfaction, self-efficacy, happiness etc., are all co-dependent on job satisfaction and hence there is a lot of importance given to career counselling in Amritsar and an experienced career counsellor in Amritsar.

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We often notice that students who don’t opt for career counselling in Amritsar, enrol in a course, without getting in-depth knowledge about a its scope, prospects, work-profile etc. They get carried away and sign up for a particular course based on fancy names, peer pressure and popularity push the students to opt for a course. Although parents are getting more and more aware of the need of career counselling in Amritsar, there are many, who force their children to opt for conventional money-making careers. Professional courses offered in fields like engineering, medical, psychology, commerce, humanities etc. demand for specific skill sets which can be discovered through a session of career counselling in Amritsar.

An individual willing to pursue a career in Engineering, should have following skill set to be successful:

Logical-Mathematics Intelligence

Analytical Skills

Complex Problem-Solving Skills

IT Skills

Thus, the role of a career counsellor in Amritsar during a session on career counselling in Amritsar is to assist the student choose the right course that matches with the skillsets of the student to maximise results and achieve satisfaction by working in comfort zone.


There are many tools for assessment used by career counsellor in career counselling centres in Amritsar. Depending upon the client need, appropriate psychometric tests are chosen by a career counsellor in Amritsar during career counselling to evaluate the client’s interest, aptitude and personality.

Assessment tools like 16PF, DBDA, HGMI, DMIT and few more are the most used in India for Career counselling in Amritsar. These tools for Career counselling in Amritsar are available both online and offline and test both Inborn and Acquired Intelligence. These tools for Career counselling in Amritsar help in understanding an individual and guiding them on the right career path.


Career counselling in India has off late started gaining momentum. Thanks to increase in awareness about importance of career counselling amongst the parents. Students today are clear that if they choose a wrong career path, they would like to switch the career, rather than continuing on the wrong path. In view of this fact, more and more parents are looking out for career counselling centres. In addition, Schools, Colleges and educational institutes are also encouraging students to go for career counselling.

The Government is also laying emphasis on providing compulsory career counselling and guidance to the students at school level in order to help them plan a proper career path and choose the way forward. If we talk about India, there are highest number of career counselling centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.


DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test) is a tool used in Career counselling in Amritsar and is the best way to map an individual’s brain with various career options. In this assessment, fingerprints of a client are taken by a career counsellor in Amritsar using a scanning device as an input. The output in form of a report is generated that gives complete details of the client’s personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential to the career counsellor in Amritsar.

During the process of Career counselling in Amritsar, these strengths and interests are mapped with the career option. Research suggests 95% accuracy in this approach towards Career counselling in Amritsar. It is considered more effective than any psychometric test, which can also be used for Career counselling in Amritsar. Career counselling in Amritsar, done on the basis of fingerprint assessment gives a clearer picture to the career counsellor in Amritsar and also students to choose a career based on their abilities and skill sets.

In India, Mindgroom is one of the largest DMIT based career counselling Centre in Amritsar with branches all across India as well as abroad. Mindgroom also conducts online career counselling in Amritsar through DMIT. Every Career counsellor in Amritsar at Mindgroom Career counselling centre in Amritsar is well versed with new-age career options. 


Career guidance in Amritsar or Career counselling in Amritsar by our Career counsellor in Amritsar is done in a way, considering both external factors (Scope and prospects) and internal factors (Strengths and Interests).

Career counselling in Amritsar / guidance after 10th and Career counselling in Amritsar / guidance after 12th can be a turning point in an individual’s career path.

Career guidance in Amritsar and career counselling in Amritsar is provided by a career counsellor or career guide to students who are confused as to which career choice to make. Mindgroom career counsellors in Amritsar are qualified career guides who help students understand their innate abilities and skills through various career guidance tests such as Psychometric Test and Inborn Intelligence Test during career counselling in Amritsar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is career counselling?
Career Counselling or Career Guidance is a process in which a career counsellor guides individuals to plan their career goals based on their strengths, abilities and interests and choose the right career path to achieve those goals.
What does a career counsellor do?

Career Counsellor makes use of his/her experience to determine market demand for various career options and can take help of a career assessment to determine the abilities and interests of an individual and arrive at a definite career path.

Why is career counselling important?

‘One Size Fits All’ approach doesn’t work for Career. If you plan your career roadmap with help of an expert career counsellor, you can minimize the risk of dropout. In addition, you can identify your comfort zones and choose a right career so that you achieve success with little efforts.

How much career counsellor charge in India?

When it comes to service, there is no thumb rule on charges. It depends on various factors including experience of Career Counsellor, type of career assessment, deliverables like number of sessions, discussion with industry expert, career roadmap etc. However, typically Career Counsellors charge in the range of INR 1500 to INR 10,000.

What is career guidance?

Career guidance is support extended to individuals to help them gain insight about the interests, strengths and abilities they possess that is very important to recognize career options and help them decide on one career choice. Career counsellors provide individuals with appropriate career guidance that will help them choose the right career path from different career choices that are present in front of them. With so many career options to choose from, can confuse individuals as to which career option is best for them, career guidance will help them recognize their aptitude and interests and help them pick the right career path.

What is a career assessment?

Career assessment is a tool used to identify the strengths and interests of an individual and map them with various career options to determine the best career. There are generally two broad categories of career assessments –Inborn Intelligence Test & Acquired Intelligence Test. 

Why Mindgroom career counselling is the right choice for you?

5 Reasons you should choose Mindgroom Career Counselling are:

  1. Both Inborn and Acquired Career Assessment 
  2. Complimentary After Sales Interaction 
  3. Unbiased Career Guidance 
  4. Interaction with Industry Experts 
  5. Career Roadmap

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