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Counselling and Guidance

Every now and then we feel the need to talk to someone about what we are going through or about how we feel. It is a normal human behaviour. Our soul is in constant need of finding that person who can truly understand us. We look up to them for advice. We like to share our happiness and especially our sorrows/problems/stress with them.

Personal counselling is providing professional support for personal problems or personal stress. A certified professional called counsellor guides you in understanding and resolving personal problem/stress or psychological problems.

A counsellor specialises in understanding human behaviour. A counsellor understands why a person behaves or reacts in a way and what might have caused the reaction. A counsellor will always motivate you to talk and express your feelings, your fear, your likes & dislikes and help you find a solution. Though a counsellor is an expert, he will not give you a direct solution and will direct you towards the right path.

Counselling is not a one or two session solution. It may take a couple of sessions depending on how deep is the problem or how quickly you are able to resolve the issue. It also depends on your comfort level with the counsellor. The more trust you develop on your counsellor the more open you are to him about the real problem. Counselling offers you a safe emotional place where you can speak your fears out loud and not be embarrassed about it.

Every counselling session is an evolving session where you start identifying yourself and your emotions. Counselling sessions are non-bias as you do not know the counsellor personally. This encourages you to be honest with him or her. There is no fear of being judged by the counsellor as it is a professional bond and not personal. A counsellor’s expertise helps you trust his advice and accept it more willingly. Counselling sessions can be a mix of face-to-face, telephonic or online sessions.

Counselling in India –

Counselling is not a new term in India. Students and professionals have been seeking career counselling and guidance for decades. Personal counselling, counselling for depression or stress management and counselling for marriage are relatively newer choices but not unknown in India. Counselling is a personal decision and cannot be shared with everyone you know, but it is always a better choice to let your family know and let them be there for you.

Counselling is a life changing journey and it will bring out a better version and a new you!

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