Career Counselling in Jaipur | Best Career Counsellor in Jaipur

Posted on September 6, 2020

Career Counselling in Jaipur | Best Career Counsellor in Jaipur

One of the biggest decisions you will take in your life is your choice of career. People opine that career means to study and get ‘good’ degree and get a well-paid job or getting engaged in business/profession, which will fulfil all their financial needs. But frankly speaking, according to me and many of the readers here will also agree that career means to engage in an activity or profession which may boost their self-esteem along with bread-butterI think it’s better to recall the dialogue from one among the famous Bollywood movie – ‘3 idiots’ where parents saying that “mera beta ye banega”. I personally believe that parents should give preference to children’s choice, preferences, and capabilities for choosing career of their children.

Here, I think that Career means ‘Jo kam karne me bande ko maja aye’. According to experts you will spend nearly one-third of your entire life working, so it’s vital to choose a career carefully. Your chosen career should be one that you enjoy, you have aptitude for and there should be sufficient scope in that field. The most efficient way to ensure you make the right career choice is by seeking out career counselling.

There are a plethora of free resources available online, however, the sheer volume of information can at times make the decision of career even more challenging. In addition, new information is learned each day, resulting in more choices and at times, more confusion. If you are in Jaipur, and are looking for guidance in making this important decision, then you can check out career counselling in Jaipur. While the internet can provide you with information, and the loved ones in your life can provide some amount of guidance, there is nothing that compares with career counselling in Jaipur. Professional career counselling in Jaipur helps simplify and quantify the career decision-making process, helping you save time while choosing the perfect career for yourself.

A megacity in India, Jaipur is famous Thriving education industry – The sheer number of educational bodies and institutes make Jaipur an attractive option for students. Ease of connectivity and transport – The comprehensive metro rail system in Jaipur has been lauded worldwide for its efficiency, safety, and cleanliness in New Jaipur and Old Jaipur, India having one of the most educated workforces of the world.

The vast number of career opportunities available make it even more important to choose the best career counselling in Jaipur, so you can carefully plan out your career path.

Career Counselling

The concept of career counselling has evolved over the years with the demand for qualified and experienced career counsellors growing steadily. Previous generations tended to stick to the more traditional career paths and guidance was provided by elders in the family, family friends and teachers or professors.

Times have changed drastically. Earlier there were a few broad career options available, for example, medicine, engineering, law, banking services, armed forces and government jobs. However, in this day and age, job options continue to grow with each passing decade as emerging fields such as AI and data science take centre stage. Current times have taught us that uncertainty is an unquestionable truth of this universe. Thus, we should not speculate about the future of our careers. One should strive to select a line of work that is satisfying and fulfilling.

More and more students these days are now opting to try out career counselling to help them identify a suitable career. Apart from finding the perfect career, the top providers of career counselling in Jaipur also help in planning how to reach your career goals.

Who can make use of career counselling?

Students in classes 8 -10: The first decision that you take towards your career comes at the time of Class 11, when you choose a stream of subjects, such as Science, Commerce and Humanities. By going for career counselling in Jaipur before Class 11, you can find out your dream career and accordingly choose a stream, thereby avoiding the risk of choosing a stream that does not match with your long-term career goals.

Students from Classes 11-12: After schooling is done, the next decision-making time for your career comes before college when you choose a degree, diploma, certificate or any other course to pursue. Since in college, you will start learning the skills you need for your career, it is popular for students to try career counselling in Jaipur before you join college. In career counselling, you can decide which courses you should take in college, and discuss any other additional courses you might want to pursue and whether you want to go abroad to study.

Undergraduate and Graduate students: Of course, while career counselling does help in taking a decision for an academic course, these days, anybody at any stage in their life can take up career counselling. If you are not happy in your career, then using career counselling can help you find ways through which you can change your current situation and career trajectory. It is never too late to change your career if you feel that the industry is offering less options, the scope is reducing or if you are not content. A career counsellor has experience and knowledge and can help you identify a suitable career change and how you can materialize the change

In the current job market, there is immense competition in nearly each and every industry, which is expected to grow further as the population increases. According to the UN, India at present has the largest youth population in the world. Getting admissions to top schools, universities and courses also involves beating the competition. Considering the amount of hard work that is required in establishing any sort of career, youth are paying more attention to choosing the right career.

The perfect career for you will be based on your interests and aptitude, making it easier for you to put in the efforts to rise above the competition and emerge successful. Career counselling in Jaipur is offered by experts who know how to identify your strengths, and which career will be the perfect match for you. They have knowledge of the current job market and an understanding of how the job market will likely evolve. As a result, career counselling in Jaipur can give you an excellent start to your professional career.

Mindgroom Career Counselling

Nowadays, there are many places that claim to offer career counselling in Jaipur. However, considering the importance of the decision on your career choice, it is vital to choose the best career counselling service available. Thus far, Mindgroom’s career counselling services have assisted manystudents in their academic endeavours. In addition, Mindgroom Career Counselling is available in Jaipur in online mode, so you do not even have to leave your home to get expert counselling!

Online career counselling allows you access to the best counsellors located anywhere in the country, from the comfort of your home!

The Mindgroom Career Counselling process is Scientific, methodical and has had proven success helping more than 120,000 students, making it one of the most popular options for career counselling in Jaipur.

  • 5-Dimensional Career Assessment

The first step is a 5-Dimensional Career assessment, on the basis of which your career discovery report is made. Mindgroom uses a unique 5 dimensional framework to test your personality, aptitude, interest, emotional quotient and orientation style. These factors judge aspects like what makes you unique, what drives you, what are your strengths and what fascinates you. Once the report is prepared, your top 5 career recommendations are generated.

  • One-on-One Counselling

Although the tests and assessments provide vital knowledge, the expertise of actual career counsellors is invaluable. This brings in the personalized element to the counselling journey.  At this stage of the Mindgroom Career Counselling, you will be explained the results of your assessment by experienced career counsellors who will help you in identifying your key career goals. This is the best time to discuss your hopes and dreams for your career, and to find which career path you should take.

  • Planning and Preparation

Once the testing and counselling is over and you have career goals in mind, career counselling in Jaipur focuses on planning what steps you need to take to achieve your career goals. Having an actionable plan and even a backup plan in place can help you materialize your goals. Whether you want to study locally, in another city or even go abroad, at the planning and preparation stage the career counsellors will help you understand how you can successfully reach your dream career.

  • Conclusion

Career counselling is one of the most important tools that you can make use of to ensure that you have chosen the right career and that you know how to reach your career goals. The abundance of information these days can make it overwhelming in choosing a suitable career path, which is why you should take the help of experts. If you are in Jaipur and looking for the Best Career Counsellor in Jaipur, simply request a call back from the Mindgroom experts today and get started on the journey of finding your perfect career!

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