Career Assessment Test

Career Assessment Test

Mindgroom provides best career assessment test and you can identify your career options through their career assessment test. If you are confused, which career option is best for you, career assessment test can help you resolve this confusion. A career assessment test is merely a tool used by career counsellors to determine the best fit career option for individuals. There are various types of career assessment test which focus on different areas like skills, aptitude, interest etc. It can be used to determine SWOT (Strengths-Weakness-Opportunity-Threats) analysis of an individual.

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All questions are compulsory. The rating scale is :

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How a Career Assessment Test Can Help?

Career Assessment test can help an individual determine what you love doing and what you are good at. In other words, a career assessment test is a wonderful tool to determine a career option which matches your interests and strengths. Most of us are not aware of the fact that what we are good at or what kind of work profile will suit us the best. A career assessment test can help us get rid of this confusion. The strengths, aptitude and interests of an individual can be mapped with the best fit career options and can help an individual move on the right career track.

Importance of Career Assessment Test Now Days?

It is a proven fact that if we are working in our comfort zones, with less effort we can achieve more. However, we have witnessed that a lot of individuals tend to switch their careers even at a mid-age due to lack of work-job satisfaction or they are not happy with the kind of work profile, they are made to work. Even at a young age, there is a constant rise in the number of students dropping out from their course or college due to the realization that they have opted for a wrong course and they wish to do something different in life. A lot of time, money and resources are spent on irrelevant courses. A career assessment test can be a revolutionary tool in avoiding all this and can help an individual choose the right career path.

Why Mindgroom Provides Best Career Assessment Test?

A career assessment test is used to determine interest and ability of an individual. These interests can be inborn as well as acquired. Where most of the organizations focus only on the acquired intelligence-based career assessment test, Mindgroom career assessment test is based on both Inborn and Acquired Intelligence. Let us acknowledge and accept the fact that acquired intelligence keeps on changing with time. If we rely just on acquired intelligence, we can’t arrive at a reliable career option. In contrast, inborn skills are life long and we can’t ignore the assessment of these skills while choosing the right career path. Mindgroom leverages on this fact and provides an excellent career assessment toll which is a combination of innate (Inborn) and acquired intelligence. Considering these facts, we can say that Mindgroom provides best career assessment test.

Why Career Assessment Test is important for Career Selection?

Career Assessment Test is an important tool for career selection. It provides a ground on the basis of which, one can select the right career path, inline with the strengths, ability, aptitude and interests. In case an individual selects a career without understanding these aspects, there is high probability that he/she may realize at a later stage that the selected career was not the right choice. It’s just hit and trial or trying to hit the bull’s eye in the dark. You may hit or miss the target. Would you like to play with the most important aspect of your life i.e., Career? Definitely not! Hence Career Assessment Test is an important tool, which can help you choose a definite career path which leads to success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best career assessment test?
Most of the career assessment tests are questionnaire based and check only acquired intelligence. The results of such assessments can change with time or the results are dependent on mindset of an individual at the time of taking that assessment. Alternatively, if you take inborn intelligence test, the results are accurate, reliable, independent of mindset and more than that, don’t change with time.
Are career assessments accurate?

Career assessments help you identify your strengths and interest areas. These strengths and interests are subsequently mapped with various career options to arrive at the best-fit career options. You should be able to correlate with the strengths and interests determined by the career assessment; it’s then only that you can arrive at a career option based on that.

How do I decide on a career?

A three-step process to choose the right career:

  1. Assess yourself – Identify your strengths and interests through the right career assessment.
  2. Map your strengths with the best-fit career options and make a list of these options.
  3. From the list prepared based on your inner self, identify the career options which are in demand today and have a scope in future to arrive at a final career option for you.
Why is career assessment important?

A career assessment assists individuals in arriving at the right career option based on individual’s interests and strengths. In case you choose a career, without identifying your strengths, it’s like a hit and trial technique and there is a possibility that you may not like to move ahead in life in the selected career option and hence drop-out from that. Even if you pursue a career which is not inline with your strengths and interests, it’s just like rowing a boat against the direction of wind – efforts are more, results are less.

What is the purpose of career assessment?

The only purpose of career assessment is to act as a tool to identify the best fit career options for an individual based on his/her interests, strengths, aptitude etc.

Are career assessments accurate?

It’s not necessary that every career assessment is accurate! But if you choose the right career assessment which is not dependent on individual’s mindset, you can definitely get reliable and accurate results. You may also choose multiple assessment s to arrive at your strengths. Before you move on to career decision, it is very important that you agree with the results of career assessment in terms of your strengths and interests. Since you know yourself, you are the best judge to answer this question!

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