DMIT Franchise in India

DMIT Franchise

There are many companies which are offering DMIT Franchise but Mindgroom offers best DMIT Franchise with excellent service. DMIT Franchise stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Franchise and DMIT is used to determine Inborn intelligence of an individual through fingerprints. DMIT Software is an application software used to generate DMIT Reports. DMIT Software has been developed on algorithm which is based on research conducted on lakhs of individuals across the globe. There are 2 parts in DMIT Test Software – Front End and Backend. The frontend includes the output format of DMIT Test report, which includes images, design color, layout, number of pages in report, language, branding and co-branding types of DMIT test report depending on various target segments like Career Counselling, Behavior Counselling, Individual Counselling, Corporate/HR Counselling and Relationship or Couple Counselling etc. The backend of DMIT test software defines the algorithm used, various parameters covered in DMIT test, number of fingerprint patterns (8, 16, 21, 30 etc), the accuracy of DMIT report, ease of use for DMIT Test Software. Backend calculations are actually the backbone of DMIT Test Software.

You may come across the similar DMIT Test report, which appears to be same in design and colour i.e. frontend, but may have different accuracy of the report due to difference in backend calculations/algorithm. This is where we need to be prudent, while selecting DMIT Test software. The accuracy part is most important, even more than frontend look and design.

Another important fact related to DMIT Test Software is that analysis is fingerprints captured using DMIT Test Software requires human intervention. This is where proper training of DMIT is essential. In case the analysis of pattern type is not done properly, you can’t achieve the accuracy of DMIT Test report. Moreover, the interpretation of DMIT Test report generated through DMIT Software is also done by humans and hence report interpretation and counselling of DMIT plays a vital role in determining the overall accuracy of DMIT Test Software.

One more factor to be consider while purchasing a DMIT Test Software is whether the organization or DMIT company from which you are purchasing DMIT Test Software is just selling DMIT Software by changing your brand logo or is also in retail business of DMIT. Remember, you can’t learn to swim by merely reading a book. Companies which are in retail business (B2C) today, are facing questions from parents regularly, conducting Seminars in schools/Colleges, will be in position to guide you to run DMIT business successfully. So it’s always advisable to purchase DMIT Test Software from a B2C company.

Further, it doesn’t matter on which platform the DMIT Test Software has been developed. In technical language, whether DMIT Test Software is Android based, Cloud Based, .Net Based, C++ Based or simply in MS Excel, it’s actually not important because what matters is accuracy of DMIT Test Software. Moreover, for server based DMIT Test software, you need to incur annual maintenance cost and are dependent on the server provider; nothing is in your independent control. So, it’s best if you have an offline DMIT software with independent rights and no dependency.

Scope of DMIT Test Software

India provides a great scope for business opportunity for DMIT Test Software, especially in Education Sector – Both Pre Schools and Senior Secondary Schools, Corporate Sector, Special Educators, Psychologists and Counsellors. With people acknowledging the need of guidance for career selection, relationship management and corporate hiring, DMIT Test Software can be a significant tool in a city which has a population of more than 30 million people. If we include neighboring cities from NCR, this number shall be quite high. So, we need to hit the nail right at the target. There exists great scope for DMIT Test Software. it’s just that you need to follow the right approach so that you can use the business opportunity being provided by DMIT Test Software. Typically the Market Segments, which you can target with DMIT Test Software includes the following:

1. Play Schools – Toddlers which are from the age group 2-5 years are tough to manage. We may introduce Multiple Intelligence based curriculum and DMIT Test Software can play an important role in identifying the inborn talents of children.

2. Special Educators – They deal with special kids and DMIT Test Software can be an excellent tool to identify whether the problem is inborn or acquired. DMIT Test can also provide solution to the problems which are faced by special kids.

3. Senior Secondary Schools – Whether it’s Stream selection or Career Selection after 12th, students are confused and are on lookout for solution in terms of counselling. DMIT Test Software can be an excellent tool to help out these students as the results of DMIT Test don’t change with time and can help in brain mapping of individual’s strengths and various career options.

4. Corporates – There are many corporates in DMIT Test Software can be used as a hiring tool to find the right candidate while hiring an employee as well as right fit for the right job. DMIT Test Software can also increase the productivity of the employees within an organization by determining their strengths.

5. Couple Counselling – In places like people are open to discuss and improve the tensions between their relationship with spouse or for family disputes. DMIT Test Software can be a very good tool to determine strengths and qualities of an individual and a counsellor can help in understanding each other by using DMIT Test Software.

DMIT Franchise in India

DMIT Franchise in India is a right given by DMIT Franchise Company to an individual or organization to use its name, technical skills and knowledge along with DMIT Test Software, which has been developed by that company to generate DMIT Reports. The parent company of DMIT, which provides DMIT Franchise must have spent time and effort in development of DMIT Software, knowledge and skills in technical and marketing and can act as a mentor in providing necessary knowledge in the field of DMIT.

When you are opting for a DMIT Franchise various factors to be considered include:

1. Individual or Organization: It’s very important that whether the Franchisor providing a DMIT Franchise is an individual or a Proprietorship Company/ Partnership company or a Private Limited organization registered under Govt. of India. Many people have started DMIT as a side business and give DMIT Franchise at very low and attractive price. They just show so many team members, which are actually virtual. But when it comes to support, since they lack necessary manpower and team, they will not be able to provide support and you will not be able to run DMIT business.

2. Accuracy of Report: Before purchasing DMIT Franchise, you must ascertain that the DMIT Test report, which is the underlying product is accurate. It’s worth spending a penny to get your DMIT Test done from an organization and for that matter from 2 or 3 organization for a peer to peer comparison of accuracy of DMIT Test report and their knowledge in Counselling before you purchase DMIT Franchise.

3. Support: When you purchase DMIT Franchise, it’s very important that all is covered as a part of deliverables. Some of the factors which may be included and considered as a part of DMIT Test Franchise are as under:

  • Training for report interpretation and counselling.
  • Presentations for parents and schools.
  • Research papers in the field of DMIT.
  • Digital Marketing support including Social Media Creatives and Animated Videos

, while narrowing down on DMIT Franchise, you must consider all the above factors and then enter the DMIT Industry.

Why Mindgroom Provides Best DMIT Test Software & Franchise

Mindgroom Services Private Limited is registered brandmark under Govt. of India and is a registered Private Limited company with CIN No. U74999DL2017PTC325057. Mindgroom is one of the very few companies in India which are private limited organization providing DMIT Software & DMIT Franchise with experience in retail ie. B2C segment and have experience of doing thousands of DMITs in retail and Schools. Some of our core competencies or point of differentiation from other companies providing DMIT Software or DMIT Franchise in are as under:

1. Mindgroom Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Organization by Team of Young Professionals from Top Most Colleges of India in the field of:

  • Psychology
  • Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IT
  • Design

2. How we are Different?

a. We have collective team experience of:

  • 10,000+ Retail DMITs
  • Experience of Working in Schools& NGOs
  • Corporate experience in field of Psychology, Sales, Design, IT etc.

b. Technology:

  • Mobile App based Fingerprint Scanning.
  • Customized DMIT Report Formats.
  • Website/SEO/SMO Support.
  • Creatives, Animated Videos etc. in your own Brand.

c. After Sales Support:

  • Technical Support including Counselling for your clients, Midbrain Workshops etc.
  • Training Videos, PPTs, Research Papers etc.
  • We make you learn to swim by sharing our experience in handling retail clients (B2C) and not just in Software Sales (B2B).

Features of DMIT Test Software

Some of the unique features of DMIT Software and DMIT Franchise provided by Mindgroom Services Private Limited are:

  • 9 MI, 9 Indicators & 16/21/30 Fingerprint Pattern Type Advanced &ArcheticSoftwares
  • Basic, Advanced, Career, Corporate & Couple Report
  • Supports Mantra (which costs just Rs. 1500/-), Futronics& Digital Persona Scanners
  • Mobile App & Laptop Fingerprint Software
  • Mobile App Franchise Management System
  • Report Customization in Design, Language &New Functionalities
  • DMIT Creatives &Animated/Realtime Videos
  • DMIT Research Papers & Books

PPTs for Schools, Career Counselling etc

DMIT Training and Support

Training is the most important part to be considered while purchasing DMIT Test Software or DMIT Franchise. Ultimately, it’s the training which determines in long run, whether you will be in position to continue doing DMIT business or not. Mindgroom Services Private Limited provides Advanced training to it’s clients which includes the following:

1. Introduction to DMIT

  • True understanding of DMIT & its applications
  • How it has to be portrayed
  • Advantage of DMIT over other assessment tools
  • Myths about DMIT & Malpractices in market

2. 9 Innate Intelligences

  • 9 Types of innate Intelligences
  • Impacts of Intelligences on individuals Life
  • Impacts in child’s development & nurturing

3. Fingers & Intelligence

  • Significance of each finger
  • Understanding the Inner Core of Patterns
  • What each Pattern defines and How it works

4. Practical Sessions

  • How MI Works – Permutations & Combinations
  • Activities & Practical Approach to understand Pattern Impact.
  • Case Studies & Role Play on Dermatoglyphics Distribution

5. Remedial Solutions

  • How to Identify Right Career through DMIT
  • How to prescribe remedies through DMIT report.
  • Benefits of Remedies & Its duration.

6. Marketing & Business Skills

  • How to generate need of DMIT, promotion & Sales Pitch
  • Creating Brand Value and Digital Marketing
  • Generating leads through References & Counselling.

Benefits of DMIT

DMIT reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents.With these tests of talents and intelligences, one can be best guided into educational, personal and career success. By knowing these potentials earlier, you make effort to enhance and train your weaknesses so that learning is most pleasurable and effective. There are countless benefits of DMIT Test for Individuals, Students and Corporates:

1. Benefits of DMIT For Individuals:

  • Understanding yourself, choosing the right career
  • Identify & harness your core competence
  • Identify your best learning style and leadership style
  • Ignite your passion for life and rekindle your dreams
  • Invest smartly in yourself for personal development
  • Identify your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ distribution
  • Self-empowerment for achieving your goals and dreams

2. Benefits of DMIT For Children:

  • More Marks with Less Efforts.
  • Catch them Young to work on their weakness.
  • Build up your child’s confidence and give him/her a happy childhood.
  • Improve relationship between parents and children.
  • Reduce wastage of time & money on irrelevant courses and classes.
  • Identify the best suited Career Option for your child.

Further, DMIT Test is a very useful tool compared with Psychometric Assessments due to following differences:

Psychometric Test DMIT Test
The results can be manipulated Biometric capture, hence no manipulation
Results may bring emotional or cultural impact No classification hence no emotional or cultural impact.
Results based on the understanding of the question and language No questions and no use of language. Can be done immediately after birth
Does not test overall intelligence Tests multiple intelligences
Result will vary due to mood or emotion Emotions and moods do not matter since it is a Biometric capture
Assessment needs to be done repeatedly Lifetime Assessment


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