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Why DMIT Franchise Business?

1. Low Investment, High Returns – You can achieve breakeven for your investment in DMIT Franchise business by selling just 5 DMIT reports. And the scope includes Schools, Colleges, coaching centres, play schools and many more.

2. Multiple Franchise Opportunity – You get Master Franchise for DMIT, which means that you can further give any number of franchisees across the globe, which can generate exponential revenue through Franchisee Fee as well as per report cost.

3. EdTech Business with High Market Demand – Parents are keen to spend anything for education of their kids. Since DMIT is an excellent tool for Career Counselling and Academic Counselling, there is an existing demand for it due to

4. Service Industry – You are free from hassles of high investment for procurement, logistics, stock management and other such requirements.

5. Multiple Product Range – You may open an Education Centre with wide range of products including Midbrain Activation, Mnemonics, Vedic Maths etc.

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Why Mindgroom?


The most important factor for DMIT Franchise business to be successful is accuracy of DMIT Report. We provide updated dmit software based on research and advanced training based on our experience to ensure that you get DMIT reports accurate to the tune of 95%.


We provide 9MI, 30 Fingerprint pattern-based report generation system, that too in multiple formats, which can be used for various targets segments including Toddlers, Students, Relationship Counselling, Career Counselling etc.

After Sales Service

In a service industry, it is very important that who is providing the service. Read about our Management Team, their qualification and experience. You will undoubtedly rely upon us for after Sales Service.

B2C Experience

We have generated more than 1 Lac reports till date and done counselling of more than 10,000 individuals. Our experienced counsellors, who have done these counselling’s themselves provide training along with Role Plays and live case study discussions.

Marketing Support

This includes Website Development, Animated Videos in your branding, SEO/SMO support, Creatives in your brand, Digital Marketing and even generating leads in your locality. We also provide PPTs for Pre-Schools, Career Counselling, Coaching Centres etc.

Report Customization

We can customize your report to any extent including, colour, images, layout, design, parameters, number of pages, multiple report formats for various target segments etc.

Algorithm Customization

Our experts have so much experience in DMIT  Franchise industry, that we can also write the add, modify and write the algorithm for DMIT software as per your requirement.

Multiple Products

We provide 50+ products including Psychometric Software, Midbrain Activation, Mnemonics, Vedic Maths and many more.

Live 1-on-1 Training

We provide live training by Directors of our company, and that too customized to your need and time availability.

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