Our Services

Our Services

We, at Mindgroom, offer a wide variety of services for various segments including students, teachers, working professionals, corporates and entrepreneurs. These include:

Best Career Counselling in India

Career Counselling

The We guide students and working professionals to choose the right career path. Our Career Counselling or Career Guidance is a 5-Step process including Need Analysis, Career Assessment, Counselling, Career Roadmap and a talk by Industry Expert. This leads an individual through a journey from confusion to clarification.

Best Academic Counselling in India

Academic Counselling

Our counsellors can reveal the right learning style for best academic results within less time. Today, students often struggle in academics and parents are hence concerned about the marks and result. We use various tools to understand the child and hence guide, how we can get more marks with less efforts.

Best Corporate Counselling in India

Corporate Counselling

We have a team of corporate trainers and Industrial Psychologist who can take various sessions for the employees and improve their productivity. So, whether you are looking for group sessions for your employees or a Psychologist on Call for 24x7 Assistance of employees, we provide the solution.

Best Relationship Counselling in India

Relationship Counselling

We have experienced counsellors who can help you understand each other and improve the relationship between 2 individuals. Be it child and parents or couple counselling, our experts can help you understand how to deal with the person in front and hence improve the relationship.

Best DMIT Test - Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in India


We conduct Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test followed by counselling session across all age groups. DMIT is a tool used to understand the Inborn Intelligence of an individual with input as fingerprints. We provide an advanced DMIT analysis across all age groups.

Best Midbrain Activation in India

Midbrain Activation

We conduct Midbrain Activation workshops for different age groups including kids and adults. Midbrain Activation helps in improving the memory and concentration powers of an individual. It also helps in speed reading through eye gym. In addition, there are various Brain Gym exercises which are done as a part of this workshop.

Best Employee Assistance Program in India

Employee Assistance Program

If you are a corporate, looking for Employee Assistance Program to boost the morale of your employees, Mindgroom provides a complete solution for this including corporate workshops, visiting Psychologist, group counselling sessions for employees and individual sessions to discuss personal problems of employees.

Best Vedic Maths and Memory Training in India

Vedic Maths / Memory Training

We also conduct Vedic Maths and Memory Training workshops. In Vedic Maths, we have trainers who provide Vedic Maths classes to students across various age groups as well as train the trainer program to individuals looking forward to start their own business. Similarly, for Memory training program (Mnemonics), we conduct workshops as well as TOT program.

Best DMIT and Midbrain Franchise in India

DMIT/Midbrain Franchise

We also provide DMIT Franchise and Midbrain Activation Franchise and help you start your own business with minimum investment. Mindgroom is one of the pioneers in India, dealing in most advanced and customized DMIT Software, DMIT Franchise and Midbrain Activation Software and Franchise.


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