Career Counselling in Delhi | Best Career Counsellor in Delhi/NCR, India

Posted on July 25, 2020

Career Counselling in Delhi | Best Career Counsellor in Delhi/NCR, India

We are always on lookout for suggestions and guidance for nearly everything in our life – be it diet, dress, function, holiday plan or even before we caste our vote. Don’t you think it’s always good to seek help in form of career counselling before we take the most crucial decision in life i.e. Career Planning? Needless to mention that it’s the career, which decides our lifestyle. It is important for at least 30-40 years of our life and even after retirement our fete depends on it.

If you are enjoying what you are doing in life, be it studying or working, you can excel in that field. Career Counselling helps you to understand what you love to do and hence achieve the desired career goals. Those who are still struggling and often ask these questions to yourself- “What am I doing in life?”, “Which stream should I choose?”, “Did I choose a right career?”, I am confused what to do?”, then dear friends, it’s time to seek answers from Career Counsellor.

A Career Counsellor, career development facilitator, career coach, job coach, and vocational or educational counselor are just some of the names you would possibly stumble upon as you search for someone to guide you in your career.

Our Career Counsellors at ‘The Career Galaxy’ are experienced professionals, have expertise not only in theory of career development but counselling techniques, information about career resources and interpretation of assessments. They are well versed in counselling or more precisely career counselling. Suppose, if you searching for a job or choosing a career then the most critical aspect of anyone’s career development is right advice on the job search or career counselling. In simpler terms, we can say that career counselling and correct advice on job search are both intertwined in some way or the other. Here comes the role of a career counsellor who is fully trained to help you in all promising aspects of your career or job search whatever it may be.
What makes us Best Career Counsellor in Delhi/NCR is our comprehensive 5-dimensional Assessments which include Inborn and Acquired Intelligence Assessments with more than 95% accuracy. This is backed by empathy levels of our career counsellor who conduct 1-on-1 Career Counselling session.

What will Career Counsellor offer?

Sometimes, we are in dilemma in figuring out who we are, what we want out of our education or how to proceed in our career or what to do further in life. These questions keep bothering us. Career Counsellor is the right person who can actually figure out and give proper answers to these questions. Career Counsellor is a knowledgeable person with whom an individual can share his/her thoughts, perspective, feelings, concerns, ideas and interact about choices made in education or career. Career Counsellor will assist you in Career Planning – an important factor for your future because it decides the entire course of your life.

Unless you plan your career with an expert career counsellor, you’d most likely fall into those vicious traps and opt for courses that don’t suit your academic and personal interests.

  1. Career Counsellor helps you in choosing a Right Career at the Right Time

Every student’s journey towards the right career is very critical. Whether it is choosing the right subjects in class 11th and 12th, shortlisting the right college or university, information about exams or the right book to read and more, every step is important. Just as first button of shirt should be put in right hole, to ensure that all other buttons fall in place, the first step towards career should be correct as there is no possibility of reverse gear in life. A career counsellor is the one who has immense knowledge and skills in various aspects of education and life. Right from knowing the A-Z of K-12 industry to understanding every individual’s behavioral psychology to knowledge about various industries, just like the average salary of various fields, admission requirements by colleges in India and abroad, etc.

Well, if the role of a Career Counsellor was to be described in today’s digital language, it would be similar to Google Maps. Just like google maps show us the right path or proper directions like a roadmap to our desired destination, a Career Counsellor guides an individual towards the right career path to help them achieve their career goals.

  1. Career Counsellor’s advice can help you avoid Unemployment or Underemployment

Here’s a classic scenario. Once upon a time, a person that held a Master in Business Administration (MBA) was welcome to join any large corporate in India. In today’s scenario, 93 per cent of MBA graduates have no employment or they work in jobs, which don’t pay well.

The reason is simple. These students opted for an MBA course without career counselling and planning with career counsellor. Instead, they seem to have done an MBA for some fake ‘prestige’ the degree holds. Hence, they did an MBA from substandard colleges and couldn’t acquire skills one would expect from the degree holder.

The same holds true for engineers. About 80 per cent of engineering graduates don’t have jobs because they don’t have proper skills. And nor is there such a high demand for engineers in the job market to justify over a million engineering graduates every year.

Career Counselling sets a roadmap for you to choose right set of skill-set, certifications, programs etc. and helps to overcome the problem of underemployment and unemployment.

  1. Career Counsellor provides you with Job Hunting techniques

Career counsellor can assist you with job-hunting strategy, by providing recommendations on enhancing your resume and by enlightening you when you are undergoing job stress. Career Counsellors will improve your interpersonal skills to assist you more easily resolve personal conflicts that may arise at workplace. Career Counsellors know the latest trainings and courses available for every field and may recommend that you simply enroll for what’s best for you. This can provide the necessary boost to your career.

  1. Career Counsellor guides you in making a Career Roadmap

Career counsellor helps individuals in building career and educational paths for the bright future of the people. The best career counsellor will eventually help an individual in evaluating the interests, abilities, how to overcome challenges, obstacles and in grooming the vital skills.

Career Counsellors guide individuals in defining their skills, interests by employing techniques such as efficient planning, interviews and aptitude assessments.

Career Counselling enhances the soft and hard skills of the people and helps them to become individual learners.

Career Counsellor helps people in overcoming challenges that would in turn undermine their success and academic growth.

Career Counselling helps in building roadmap for the individuals which will help them in reaching their career objectives.


What makes, a unit of one Mindgroom Services Pvt. Ltd., one of the best career counsellors?

Our team of career counsellors offers unbiased counselling which helps the students take right career decisions. The 5-Dimensional psychometric and Inborn Assessments conducted by our expert career counsellors assist students in understanding their improvement areas, strengths, weaknesses and selecting one of the appropriate options amongst the multiple career options. We help students in making them visualize numerous career options and then choose the right option in line with their inborn strengths.

During your consultation with ‘The Career Galaxy‘, you will:

  1. Discover your Inborn Potential, Interests and Passion.
  2. Discover the careers that best suit your Interests and Personality.
  3. Explore your career options and get help identifying the career that best suits you.
  4. Get advice on any careers and courses you’re currently considering.
  5. Develop a Career Road Map to guide you on your path to a fulfilling career.


Nowadays the trend is for effective profile building which comprises of research projects, certifications, internships and many more for which our efficient squad shall help you in. Even college students wish to know what they must pursue after graduation, career planning, choices of institutes, job selection, planning and profile building. Our team highlights the emerging trends in career which most of the people are sometimes unaware of alongside in-depth knowledge about the scope of each course. We also showcase the students on the dynamic scenario that India’s higher education system in undergoing as the cost of selecting wrong choice of career, which can prove to be disastrous for our future generation. These are some of the aspects that makes our career counsellors, the best career counsellor in industry. For further details, call our career experts today!

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