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Career guidance includes career guidance for students in itanagar, career guidance for individuals in itanagar or career guidance for working professionals in itanagar. Career guidance is a process of providing guidance on choosing the right career path. Career guidance assists the people with gaining the information, data, abilities, and experience important to recognize career choices dependent on their qualities and capacities. Thus, career guidance helps them in their financial well-being and having a good work life balance. Although, it does not simply mean to choose a specific perfunctory job for the whole lifetime, but also need to consider a fact that the world, working conditions, economy, technology etc. are changing/developing, the market is getting diversified and thus you need to be capable enough to adapt to these everyday changes and make sure your right career decision will help you in the long run. Career guidance provides you with a wider perspective while choosing your career path.


  1. A Professional Career Counselor – Career guidance is given by a Career counselor, who must have sufficient knowledge of various fields; he/she must be a good observer and give you sincere and unbiased opinions while guiding you. There are individuals offering free Career guidance and Counseling in itanagar, who will at last procure by means of references through confirmations in different universities. Unnecessary to specify, such career guidance ends up in suggesting courses in their own instructing foundation or Colleges/Universities in India and abroad from where they procure reference benefit.
  2. A Secure Environment and building trust – For apt career guidance, a career counselor must be able to create a secure environment and make the student feel at ease while discussing his/her career freely without any hesitation. The career guidance process needs to take care not to pressurize the student and need to take things at a slow pace.
  3. Career Assessment – Career Assessment is the essential aspect in career guidance. It’s used to evaluate a person’s aptitude, repertoire and personality. Career Assessments or Psychometric Assessment helps the Counselors to fathom the person’s skills, interest, emotional strengths, behavior which helps to determine the right possible career paths for the individuals.

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The right career guidance in itanagar shapes the path for your entire life, and hence the sooner you choose your path through career guidance in itanagar, the better you can make out of it. Although, it’s absolutely okay to not have decided your career paths, especially for school students in dilemma to choose what is adept for them, a career guidance in itanagar session can help you with this. Students as well as working professionals can benefit from Career guidance in itanagar.

School or College going Students can get career guidance in itanagar to find out which subject to choose in the future, what fields they fit in, as well as knowing their skill set and personality well suited for a job.

Professionals can utilize the benefits of career guidance in itanagar and find/plan their next career move.


Career guidance in itanagar is not a choice today; career guidance in itanagar is a necessity; career guidance in itanagar is need of the hour. Career guidance in itanagar basically helps an individual to get more clarity about his/her career path, get to know more about their skill set, capabilities, and choose the right career paths for them as many people face the dilemma for right career choice. Studying and obtaining degrees will not benefit until you have the right skill set needed for a particular job.

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Career guidance in itanagar helps you to evaluate such things about yourself. There are hundreds of career paths and thousands of job profiles, and it’s not possible for every individual to attain knowledge from every field. Career guidance in itanagar refrains you from taking the wrong decisions for your careers, which most people end up taking randomly or without much knowledge of the field. Hence, Career guidance in itanagar helps you to take the right decisions based on your knowledge and area of your expertise. It gives you a clear view of what you want and expect from your work life, avoiding the confusion in choosing from various types of careers. Many people sometimes are not happy with their jobs or career choices, or fail to manage their jobs, hence it’s necessary to have proper knowledge and clarity prior to work in any field.


1. Help pick the right career

During the process of career guidance in itanagar, a career counselor observes your behavior, determines your skill sets and abilities and choose the right and suitable career for you. While this is the most important role of a career counselor, the career counselor also needs to build a relation of trust and confidence with the student.

2. Provide Resources

The career counselor possess knowledge about various fields and therefore provide all the useful resources and information which an individual is ignorant of.

3. Boost the Confidence of the counselee

The counselee is already aware of his job profile from the career counselor, and hence knows all the difficulties in his/her career. Career guidance in itanagar, thus helps to develop confidence. The career counselor needs to explain his subjects the job hurdles.

4. Remove career related stress

Choosing a right career path can be a difficult task for both parents and children when they don’t have enough knowledge of different fields. These things cause stress or frustration to any individual. The role of a career guidance in itanagar is to free the counselee of his worries by helping him choose a right career path.

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5. Helps us achieve our Goals

A career Counselor during a career guidance in itanagar session, helps the students to connect with experts who have succeeded in their careers and been through all thick and thins. This helps the students to build the ‘Never give up’ attitude and inspires them to achieve their goals.


There are many stages involved in Career guidance in itanagar. As the counselor needs to know one thoroughly and analyze their behavior, attitude, strengths and determine a right profile for them.

Stage 1, Knowing the person – Getting to know one’s abilities, strengths and area of expertise is the first step in career guidance in itanagar. The career counselor observes the behavior of the individual and prepares a data of the observations which helps him to know more about the person.

Stage 2, Assessment – In this stage of career guidance in itanagar, your social behavior will be assessed along with your personality and career interests. The new paths open for you will be discussed here with the help of your mentor.

Stage 3, Taking a decision – In this stage of career guidance in itanagar, all the suitable career paths will be explored for you by providing all the necessary information. You will have to choose an appropriate option for you.

Stage 4, Start Preparing – It will be the time to start preparing for your goal after you have finally decided a right career path for yourselves. The Career Counselor provides you all the resources needed and a backup plan as well.

Stage 5, Working Consistently – You will have to work consistently for achieving all your goals and daily targets. It’s a fun as well as challenging stage at the same time. It Is the stage where all your hard work will pay off by constant efforts and not giving up.


Now a days, most of the things are available online, so a bit of research will help you reach out to many career counselors. Mindgroom is one such service where our counsellors offer you career guidance in itanagar.

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