DMIT Test for Students

DMIT Test for Students?

DMIT Test for students will help in Academic as well as Career Counselling of students. DMIT Test can help students in identifying their learning style and acquiring style. In this way, they can focus in the right direction and hence can learn more within less time. If a boat moves in the direction of wind, its overall speed is sum total of speed of boat and speed of wind. Similarly, DMIT Test for students can help in identifying the comfort zones of students and their way of learning and acquiring information. Students can hence work in that direction so as to improve their efficiency i.e.; within less time they can learn more. What ultimately matters is the bottom line – Right? So, in this case also, let us appreciate the fact that it is not important that for how many hours a student has been studying. What matters is that how much he has been able to gain in those hours. DMIT Test for students can help students gain more knowledge with less efforts and time. It helps in smart work rather than hard work and that is what every student looks for; Right?

Why DMIT Test need to be done for Students?

DMIT Test for students can help in saving time, effort and money spent on irrelevant courses. Right from a small kid to a 10th Class student, parents enroll their child in various extra-curricular activities for overall development of their child. DMIT Test can help in identifying the right activity you should put your child in for the overall development o the child. What parents are looking for is ‘More Marks’ and students can achieve this with help of DMIT Test by identifying their comfort zone and working in the right direction. Moreover, every child is unique and different; DMIT Test for students can help you understand what your child is good at and hence eliminate unnecessary expectations from the child. You as a parent, will stop comparing and start appreciating! Also, DMIT Test for students can help you choose the right subjects, in line with your strengths.

How DMIT Test for Students helps in Choosing a Right Career

DMIT Test for students helps in choosing the Right Career. DMIT Test determines the strengths and comfort zones of an individual through Brain Mapping. It helps in identifying, which parts of your brain are your strength compared to others. This can be subsequently mapped with the career choices to arrive at the best fit career. It is an accepted fact that given a chance, every individual would like to work in his/her comfort zones. DMIT Test for students helps in identifying the comfort zones and hence choosing a Right Career option. It is quite evident today that the number of cases of drop-out from colleges and universities is increasing daily. If a student feels at anytime in life that he/she has not taken the right decision in selecting a course or career, he would like to drop-out. This wastes a lot of money of parents, which has gone into admission and fee. At the same time, it also wastes the time and effort of the student. Hence DMIT Test for students is a wonderful tool in identifying your core competencies and choose the right career.

Why Mindgroom Provides Best DMIT Test for Students?

Mindgroom Services Pvt. Ltd. is a registered brandmark in the field of Dermatoglyphics. It has a team of experts in the field of Psychology and Training with a collective team experience of more than 10000 DMITs. It has its own DMIT Lab, which hosts a team of certified Dermatoglyphics Analysts. The team at Mindgroom takes due care to provide most accurate results and hence best DMIT Test for students. This is ensured by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Scanning of fingerprints is done with due care as this is the first step which controls the accuracy. Mindgroom has it’s own fingerprint scanning Mobile App for accurate scanning of fingerprints and also to ensure that the captured prints are secured and encrypted to avoid any misuse. Moreover, the representatives handling the same are vigilant enough to use the technology judiciously.
  • Fingerprint Analysis is done by our Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultants and there are multiple checks and third-party sampling in place to ensure that you get accurate analysis and report.
  • The algorithm used in the report generation system is one of the most accurate in the world and is being improved continuously through kaizen and sustained efforts by our Psychologists and Counsellors who stay in touch with the clients for their continuous feedback.
  • We have a team of Psychologists and certified counsellors to interpret the report for the client and provide them best guidance to ensure that the very reason, why they get this DMIT test done, gets resolved. 

Benefits of DMIT Test for Students?

There are plenty of benefits of DMIT Test for students:

  1. Avoid drop-out from courses and save the life of student from depression or an extreme case of suicide.
  2. Reduce unnecessary expectation of parents from their children. DMIT Test for students also reduces tension at home and improves parent-child relationship.
  3. DMIT Test for students saves time and effort spent on irrelevant activities and courses.
  4. DMIT Test for students saves money from getting wasted in these irrelevant courses.
  5. With increased focus in studies by working in the right direction, improve your marks in academics through DMIT Test for students.
  6. Choose the right career path based on your innate strengths, which can be identified through DMIT Test for students.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a combined scientific study of Brain Lobes, 9 Multiple Intelligence and Human Psychology. with the help of fingerprints.

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