Which career is best after 10th?

Posted on December 26, 2020

There are 3 Streams, out of which you may choose one. Every Stream in itself has many Career Options After 10th and if you ask which out of 3 Streams is better? The simple answer is – All are equally lucrative, but you need to find which is the best Stream for you as an individual.

These Streams are:

Science – Science is the most popular and sought-after career option for majority of parents and students, especially the students who score high in exams.   

Commerce – Commerce stand at No. 2 in most sought-after career option after Science. If you love to play with mathematics, numbers and finance, Commerce is the best suited option for you.

Arts/Humanities – Nowadays Arts/Humanities Stream is also in very high demand with plenty of new-age career options and more and more students are opting for it.

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