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Mindgroom provides you with a unique and most lucrative opportunity to work as an entrepreneur in the field of Education. If you are choosing to venture in the field of Career Counselling, DMIT or Midbrain Activation, we have burnt our hands over last more than 10 years in this field to understand how to generate business in B2C (Retail Clients). Even today majority of our business comes from retail and corporates. Our Management and Board of Directors are young and enthusiastic individuals from top most colleges of the country in the field of MBA, Design and Psychology. Our team of Psychologists all across India, works day and night to improve the back-end technology through their hands-on experience and knowledge. 

Franchise/Software opportunities by Mindgroom is even suited for limited risk takers to start a side-business and earn an extra penny because we offer moneyback break-even guarantee.

Before you read it further, below are our Unique Selling Points (USP) or top 5 reasons why you should choose Mindgroom as your most preferred partner to start your venture:

Why Choose Mindgroom?

1) Retail (B2C) Experience – We make you learn to swim by sharing our experience in handling retail clients (B2C) and not just in Software Sales (B2B). We have collective team experience of:

  • 10,000+ Retail DMITs / Career Counselling
  • 500+ Mid brain Workshops
  • Experience of Working in Corporates, Schools and Colleges.
  • Corporate experience in field of Psychology, Sales, Design, IT etc.

and it’s growing every day…

2) Technology – We offer Latest Technology including:

  • Mobile App based Fingerprint Scanning – Both with and without Scanner.
  • Customized DMIT Report Formats – to any extent including design.
  • Digital Marketing Support – Website Development/SEO/SMO Support.
  • Pamphlet designs, Creatives, Animated Videos etc. in your own Brand.
  • Training Certificate, Videos, Power Point Presentations, Research Papers etc.
  • Counselling for your clients by our trained Psychologists.

3) Management – In a service industry, it is very important that who is providing service to you.

  • Our Directors come from Top Colleges of the country in the field of MBA and Design.
  • Our management team includes professionals from top corporate houses in the field of MBA, M. Design & Psychology.
  • There are Psychologists in our team who are working in the field of DMIT since 2007, when DMIT was launched in India.

4) Money Back Guarantee – We are confident that we can deliver and if you choose to be a part of Mindgroom family, we shall ensure win-win situation for us so that we grow together.

  • We work with you to generate leads in your location.
  • We provide necessary support to venture into Schools.
  • We provide backend support for Career Counselling, Behavior Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Corporate Counselling.
  • We provide Website Development & Digital Marketing support, Counselling support, Report Generation support and Midbrain Activation workshop in your area through our trainers.

5) Cost Effective – We have varied range of products and packages to suit your pocket and we ensure that you get value for money. We at Mindgroom believe that cost effectiveness is not applicable just at initial step, it’s way of your life if you are in business. We equip you with necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that you earn out of this business.

Features of DMIT Software by Mindgroom Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mindgroom offers the latest and most advanced

  • 9 MI, 9 Indicators & 16/21/30 Fingerprint Pattern Type Advanced & Archetic Softwares
  • Mobile App & Laptop based Software
  • Basic, Advanced, Career, Corporate & Couple/Relationship Report
  • Supports Mantra, Futronics & Digital Persona Scanners
  • Mobile App Franchise Management System
  • Report Customization in Design, Language & New Functionalities
  • Digital Marketing Support for SEO/SMO etc.
  • DMIT Creatives & Animated/Realtime Videos
  • DMIT Research Papers & Books
  • PPTs for Schools, Career Counselling etc.

Features of Midbrain Software by Mindgroom Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Multiple Music Tracks with different Frequency
  • Kids Mid Brain Software
  • Adult Mid Brain Software
  • Advanced Mid Brain Software
  • Midbrain Franchise Management System
  • Lifetime and Fixed duration music
  • Open Music
  • Photographic Memory
  • Speed Reading
  • Quantum Speed Reading
  • Mid Brain Activation Book

Become a Career Counsellor

We provide you necessary training and support to equip you with sufficient confidence and skills required to become a career counsellor. Some of the areas where you can expect our support are:

  • Access to 5-Dimensional Career Assessments including DMIT, HGMI. MBTI, RIASEC, CIS, David Battery.
  • Online Website Integration of Career Assessments.
  • Access to directory of thousands of Career Options, Courses and Colleges.
  • Lead Generation in your area through various Marketing channels.
  • Guidelines and support to register as Career Counsellor with Govt. of India.

Other Products

  • Multiple Intelligence Psychometric Software
  • Career Counselling Software
  • RIASEC Software
  • 16 Personality Indicator Software (MBTI)
  • Vision Improvement Software
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Memory Training (Mnemonics)
  • Handwriting Improvement
  • Vedic Maths
  • Rubik Cube
  • Phonetics & Spoken English
  • Positive Parenting
  • Maths Fun
  • Infant Music Therapy

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