Group: Career Assessment Test

It’s not necessary that every career assessment is accurate! But if you choose the right career assessment which is not dependent on individual’s mindset, you can definitely get reliable and accurate results. You may also choose multiple assessment s to arrive at your strengths. Before you move on to career decision, it is very important […]

A career assessment assists individuals in arriving at the right career option based on individual’s interests and strengths. In case you choose a career, without identifying your strengths, it’s like a hit and trial technique and there is a possibility that you may not like to move ahead in life in the selected career option […]

A three-step process to choose the right career: Assess yourself – Identify your strengths and interests through the right career assessment. Map your strengths with the best-fit career options and make a list of these options. From the list prepared based on your inner self, identify the career options which are in demand today and […]

Career assessments help you identify your strengths and interest areas. These strengths and interests are subsequently mapped with various career options to arrive at the best-fit career options. You should be able to correlate with the strengths and interests determined by the career assessment; it’s then only that you can arrive at a career option […]

Most of the career assessment tests are questionnaire based and check only acquired intelligence. The results of such assessments can change with time or the results are dependent on mindset of an individual at the time of taking that assessment. Alternatively, if you take inborn intelligence test, the results are accurate, reliable, independent of mindset […]

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