Online Career Counselling in Akola

Online Career Counselling in Akola

Whether it is Online Career Counselling in Akola after 10th or Online Career Counselling in Akola after 12th. Online Career Counselling in Akola after Graduation or Online Career Counselling in Akola for working professionals. Online Career Counselling in Akola is a blessing for all. The world is ever changing. With the advancement in technology, the virtual or Online Career Counselling in Akola is equally effective as face-to-face Career Counselling in Akola. The best part is, once the session begins, you will get so much engrossed in online career counselling session. You will not even realize whether it is in person counselling or online career counselling.

The best part of online career counselling in Akola is that entire process including assessments is online. The career assessments are online only, even if you opt for in person counselling. Even if you opt for brain mapping test through fingerprints, there is a web-app for capturing fingerprints online. This web app converts the normal camera images to processed images, which are as good as captured in person through a scanning device.

Another important benefit of online career counselling in Akola is that you can connect with one of the best online career counsellors in Akola sitting in any part of the world. In case of face-to-face counselling, you have limited options and that too within your vicinity. However, if you opt for online career counselling in Akola, you can connect with best online career counselor from across the world.

What is Career Counselling in Akola?

Career Counselling in Akola is a process in which an experienced career counselor in Akola shares his/her own knowledge and experience. This is done to guide students in choosing the right career path. They also make use of assessments to identify strengths and interest areas of an individual. Subsequently, a career counsellor in Akola guides them in selecting a career in line with their strengths and abilities.

Online Career Counselling in Akola or Online Career Guidance in Akola helps an individual to walk through a journey from confusion to clarification. Every individual is unique and has own set of capabilities. But an online career counselor in Akola can help an individual to choose a career goal in line with the comfort zones.

This helps to achieve best results with minimum efforts. You can get to know the best career roadmap to achieve your career goal. In many cases, you can also get to know the real-time information from industry experts. This prevents you from facing any shock in future.

Why Online Career Counselling in Akola is important now a days?

The world of work is ever changing. Today we see an emerging era of e-commerce, e-payments and even online classes by various Edu-tech start-ups. Online Career Counselling in Akola is not different from the league. Especially after Covid-19 pandemic, when students are habitual in taking online classes. They take online classes not only for their mandatory education in school, but also for various co-curricular activities including dance, music, drawing etc.

Hence, a one-on-one online career counselling session in Akola on video call can in-fact be very interactive and useful. The online career counselling session saves time for physical travel for both student and counselor. It reduces the risk of infection in the prevalent pandemic scenario due to Covid 19. In addition, you get an option to interact with one of the best online career counselors in Akola. Above all, it’s equally effective as face-to-face career counselling session.

Why Mindgroom provides best Online Career Counselling platform in India

Mindgroom offers Online Career Counselling from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, our team extends the necessary support to conduct career assessments online at your convenient time. We, at Mindgroom, work on the concept of IKIGAI – The Japanese Concept of Happy Living. Accordingly, we consider 4 factors to arrive at the best fit career for an individual. These are:

  • Good – What You are good at.
  • Love – What you love doing.
  • Demands – What the world demands.
  • Pay – What the world will pay for.

We use a combination of both Inborn and Acquired Intelligence test to arrive at first 2 factors. Our scientific assessments have an accuracy to the tune of 95%. The best part is, we have developed online tools to conduct both inborn and acquired intelligence test. Even the brain mapping test which requires fingerprints as input, is possible to do online using a technology-based web-app.

Mindgroom connects you with best online career counselors in Akola who are aware of various new-age career options. Additionally, you get a detailed career roadmap for the chosen career option.

Besides, the best part is that we don’t push you to opt for a particular career or college. We provide reasons and logically take you to a conclusion as which career path you should choose and why?

Pathway of Our Online Career Counselling Process in Akola

Once you enrol for Mindgroom’s online career counselling in Akola process, our team guides you on how to take the career assessment. It takes about 30 mins to take the career assessment online. Subsequently, when the results are out, our team connects you with one of our experienced online career counselors to guide you through your report. There is a detailed discussion for about 100 minutes on which career path you should choose and why. In this session, you explore your strengths and narrow down on your career options. After this, our research team shares a complete career roadmap for the selected career goal and pathway. If required, we also connect you with an industry expert to get real time experience.

Benefits of Online Career Counselling in Akola

Online Career Counselling in Akola is a boon for individuals in the current time. There are many benefits of online career counselling in Akola. These are:

1) Save Time & Money:

Of course, we need time & money to travel. Besides, there is waiting time in the office premises. We can save this, if we opt for online career counselling in Akola.

2) Connect with Best Career Counselors in Akola beyond your vicinity

Online portals allow you to connect with a career counselor in Akola or from any city across the world. Accordingly, this opens up wide era of options to choose from.

3) Choose your suitable time

In case you get free in late evening from your office work, you may opt for online career counselling session even at late night or early mornings.

4) Health Safety

By opting an online session, you ensure that there is no spread of infection due to physical contact. Hence, this is boon in the current time of pandemic.

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