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Mindgroom Career Guidance and Counselling in Delhi NCR have best Career Counsellors in Delhi which offers Best Educational Career Counselling in Delhi after 10th, 12th, Graduation, Post Graduation. Mindgroom offers one of its kind, highly satisfactory career counselling platforms in Delhi-NCR and in India. It offers a unique combination of Inborn & Acquired Intelligence (5-Dimensional Psychometric Assessment), which makes use of advanced brain mapping technology through science of Dermatoglyphics along with a combination of Psychometric Assessments approved by Psychologists. We have physical presencein various cities of India through our network of Psychologists and trained career counsellors. We conduct regular centralized training and brainstorming sessions for our counsellors so that they stand out to provide right set of career guidance. Our vision is not to have maximum number of counsellors and offices across India but to make sure that each and every counsellor who is attached with us, provides right set of career counselling and guidance. To achieve this, we conduct regular training and brain storming sessions for our entire team of counsellors and make sure that they’re updated with latest and unconventional career trends, market scope and potential for various career options, industry updates, growth opportunities etc. Till date, we’ve brought a positive change in life of thousands of scholars across the country through 1-on-1 also as well as online career counselling sessions, career talks in schools and institutions as well as corporates for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Our innateMultiple Intelligence-based career assessment, which is predicated on research across lakhs of people in various countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and India, is exclusive within this industry across the world. It rules out the possibility of manipulation and biasedness and is valid for lifetime which means that it yields same results regardless of the age at which we take the assessment.

What is Career Counselling?

It’s a strange but true fact that in the society we live, especially in small cities that counselling is considered to be for an individual who needs treatment of mind and thoughts. However, the fact is that Career Counselling is not at all related with it. The word counselling here means ‘guidance’ and right guidance can actually change the fate of your life. Let us appreciate the very fact that a career counsellor, who sharpens his axe regularly by keeping him updated on various career options and industry trends and at the same time spends entire day interacting and guiding people for his or her career related querieswill certainly have more knowledge about various career options. Hence, for taking right career decision, the role of career counselling session is extremely important. Remember, if the first button of a shirt is put into right hole, all other buttons will fall in place. Take care that you take first step right through proper career counselling.

Why is Career Counselling important?

At the age of 15 and beyond, anxiety and nervousness are quite common amongst children. Peer pressure and parental pressure adds on to this. What works brilliantly for others, may not necessarily work for you. Moreover, every individual is different with its own strengths, interests, personality and aptitude. So, one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Career Counselling saves you from the danger of drop-out if you choose career by hit and trial method. It saves your time and money spent on irrelevant courses.
Moreover, today there are numerous career options available and people are hardly aware of these. If you’re not a bright student, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bright career in life. People are choosing numerous unconventional career options and it’s only through a career counselling session that you get in-depth knowledge about current trends, growth opportunities and scope of varied career options. So, a career counsellor can definitely assist you to rise high and ensure a successful career path. Also,it’s usually witnessed that there’s difference of opinion amongst family regarding choice of a career for theirchild. A career counsellor gives unbiased guidance supported by strengths/interests of student and being a 3rd person outside the family, every member trusts him/her. This makes things easier for everybody and sets a transparent roadmap for an individual.Research shows that students who choose to seek guidance through career counselling are much likely to accomplish well in academics. This is often due to their conviction on the subjects chosen and clarity about career goal in mind.

How we conduct Career Counselling?

At ‘Mindgroom’, we endeavor to determine strengths, interests and comfort zones of people and subsequently map these comfort zones with best suited career options. Our counselling sessions are supported by scientific brain mapping assessment based on the science of dermatoglyphics as well as 5 Dimensional Psychometric Assessments approved by Psychologists. With these, we determine various parameters including inborn talent, strengths, weaknesses, learning style, thought process, personality traits and career interests. We finally propose a Career Roadmap for you and pull you completely out of confusion.

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