Enhancing Employee Engagement via Leaders’ Motivational Language in times of crisis: Perspectives from the COVID-19 outbreak

Career Test or Career Aptitude Test is a tool to determine your strengths and interest areas. Accordingly, we can map these strengths with the career options to reveal the best suited careers for an individual, which are in line with his/her strengths.

The functionality of our dynamic career assessment platform is such that it reveals only those career options for which you are eligible. This in turn depends on Subjects/Stream/Course selected in the past. We do not recommend the courses through our career assessment, for which you are not eligible today. This curtails any possibility of confusion. Hence the career assessment platform dynamically populates the results of career aptitude test.

Furthermore, the career options in our career test are dynamically populated to include new age career options. With inputs from our dedicated research team, which adds new career options on daily basis. This updates you with market trends.

Moreover, our career assessment reveals both Inborn as well as Acquired Intelligence. The input to the career test includes both questions as well as fingerprints. Hence our career test is independent of mindset of individual while giving the test. The best part is that results of Inborn intelligence test do not change over a period of time. So, if you appear for the same career assessment in 10th Grade and 12th Grade, it’s not that the career options will change with time based on the input answers to the questions. Hence the reliability is quite high! Accordingly, the student has a competitive advantage and the career test assists them in achieving their objectives even at a young age.

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