DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) Benefits

There are many DMIT Test benefits in Kollam across various age groups and these DMIT test benefits in Kollam have been discuss in depth here. DMIT test benefits in Kollam emerge from the fact that Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a wonderful tool to determine Inborn Intelligence of any individual. DMIT Test is based on Science of Dermatoglyphics, which reveals the relative strengths of brain lobes for an individual, based on fingerprint patterns on tips of fingers. The common DMIT Test benefits in Kollam include – What you are good at, what you love doing and what keeps you happy in life.

The most important benefit of DMIT Test in Kollam is that it helps you unwrap your inborn gifts. DMIT is a lifetime test, since its results don’t change with time and you can use the same assessment report during various stages of your life for different needs. Let us understand DMIT Test benefits in Kollam across various segments and age groups:

  1. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Kids (Age 2 years to 6 Years)
  2. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Students (Age 7 years to 12 Years)
  3. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Stream/Subject Selection (Age 13 Years to 16 Years)
  4. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Career Planning and Roadmap (Age 16 years and above)
  5. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Corporate Counselling
  6. DMIT Test Benefits in Kollam for Couple/Relationship/Family Counselling

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a combined scientific study of Brain Lobes, 9 Multiple Intelligence and Human Psychology. with the help of fingerprints.

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Benefits of DMIT Test for Kids (Age 2 years to 6 Years)

For a small child, DMIT Test benefits in Kollam include:

  • It helps in determining his/her Personality, Acquiring Style etc. 
  • Helps in effective parenting to improve the parent child relationship. 
  • DMIT Test helps you discover the genius in your child. 
  • DMIT helps in revealing the innate strengths of child and help you to unwrap the inborn gifts by God which have been bestowed to every individual.
  • DMIT reveals various innate characteristics of children like Quotients, Left-Right Brain Dominance, Level of Multiple Intelligence and its distribution, Personality trait, SWOT analysis etc. 

The above parameters help parents in understanding their child and deal with their tantrums accordingly. This in turn helps in effective parenting for your child.

Benefits of DMIT Test in Kollam for Students (Age 7 years to 12 Years)

  • DMIT Test determines preferred Learning Style, which shall help in Academics to score more with little effort as you get to know the right direction to work. 
  • DMIT Test results set the expectations of parents right. Remember the words of Albert Einstein – ‘Every Child is Genius; but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will lead its entire life believing that it’s stupid.’  
  • DMIT Test helps parents overcome a state where parents do comparison of their children with their peers, which sometimes also leads them to a stage of criticism for their own child. 
  • DMIT test reveals that even twins have different brain, different fingerprints and may have their own core competencies.
  • DMIT helps every child to focus on his/her core competencies or innate characteristics.
  • As per DMIT, there are 3 Learning Styles – Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic. Once you know the right learning style, you start working in the right way and achieve great results.
  • Every child is full of talent; it’s just that you need to identify what they are good at and work in the right direction, which is determined by DMIT Test to maximize the results.

Benefits of DMIT Test in Kollam for Stream/Subject Selection (Age 13 Years to 16 Years)

  • DMIT reveals the right career path based on innate intelligence. Stream/Subject selection is the first stage in student’s life to take a career decision. If the first button of a shirt goes in the right hole, all other buttons also fall into place. And remember, there is no reverse gear in life!
  • Compared with other Psychometric tools to arrive at career options, DMIT is much more reliable and its results don’t change throughout your life. 
  • DMIT results are neither dependent on mindset of individual while appearing for the test nor subject to manipulation. 
  • DMIT reveals our comfort zones or potential zones, which helps us work towards a stable career, grow high with little effort and stay happy in life. 

Benefits of DMIT Test in Kollam for Career Planning and Roadmap (Age 16 years and above)

  • DMIT Test not only reveals the best Stream to choose after 10th, in fact it helps in designing the complete career roadmap for life. 
  • DMIT Test helps in determining the relative strength of brain lobes, and these strengths can be in turn mapped with various career options. 
  • As per Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, any task we do, we use a combination of Multiple Intelligences. The same is true for our career path. So, it’s a major benefit of DMIT Test that based on strengths of individual, we can find the right career and accordingly, a career roadmap can be built.
  • DMIT Test helps you narrow down on your top 3 career choices based on your comfort zones. It has got nothing to do with future prediction; it can’t predict whether you will become a Doctor or an Engineer. But it can surely reveal that if you choose Doctor as a career, whether you will be happy in life or not. 
  • An advanced DMIT report covers all career options including and not limited to new age career options. 
  • In addition, a career counsellor, who understands DMIT, can make use of DMIT report to guide you on the right career path and lead you through a journey from confusion to clarification by answering the questions – What to Do, Why to Do & How to Do.

Benefits of DMIT Test in Kollam for Corporate Counselling

  • DMIT can be an excellent tool to hire the right candidate for a particular job profile. There are many parameters in Corporate DMIT report, which cater to this particular segment only.
  • DMIT helps in individual counselling of an employee and can boost the energy levels by showing them the right path and cater to their comfort zones by determining what keeps them happy in life.
  • DMIT based counselling helps in reducing the attrition rate of employees in an organization.
  • It helps in reducing the frustration of employees and increases the level of job satisfaction and hence output in terms of work.

Benefits of DMIT Test in Kollam for Couple/Relationship/Family Counselling

  • Let us acknowledge the fact that majority of differences exist between individuals due to misunderstandings and expectations. DMIT test helps in setting the expectations right from the other person. 
  • You may reap the DMIT Test benefits for couple or relationship counselling with help of Advanced Compatibility DMIT report. DMIT helps us to understand each other and once we understand each other, differences are curbed. 
  • The benefit of DMIT test lies in the fact that a compatibility DMIT report gives us the relationship compatibility and recommendations to handle different types of personalities. 
  • In addition, experience of the relationship/family counsellor can work wonders to resolve the conflicts by setting the expectations right, guiding the individuals to take care of their loved ones and hence resolve the conflicts and differences to build bridges and not walls.
  • Marvin J. Ashton said – ‘If we could look into each other’s heart and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care.’ DMIT can help us achieve this.

DMIT Test Benefits

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