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Therapy for kids

Our childhood was all about games, friends, school, parents, homework and learning. Today kids go through a lot of mental and emotional pressure. Life is not the same for our children as it was for us.

There are few symptoms which are alarming and indicate immediate need for counselling-

Self-destruction – If your child is trying to hurt him/herself or you observe a cut or mark, then it is important to consult a therapist. This may not be the one-time thing and can cause severe life damage to the child.

Hereditary – If other family members have/had any sort of mental illness or depression, then there is a fair possibility of the same being transferred to the child too.

Eating disorder – If you notice odd eating behaviour, like eating very little or eating a lot and quickly, then it is a matter of concern.

Anxiety – If you observe that your child gets nervous and show other symptoms of anxiety like sweating, palpitation before any academic test, even after being completely prepared, or when meeting other people, then immediate counselling can be of great help.

What causes stress at this early age?

There can be many reasons which can emotionally and mentally hurt the child –

The stress of examination Sometimes the stress of maintaining the grades or trying to top the school can be too much to handle and create an emotional disturbance for the child.

Failure – An experience of failure in a class or test can also create stress for kids.

Parents separation – Parent’s separation has a very unhealthy impact on children’s mental health. It is very difficult for them to accept the fact and to picture living without one of them.

New born sibling – We all have seen the elder sibling behave in a different manner on arrival of the new sibling. They are protective of the sibling but also very jealous. This insecurity dies over time but in some cases, the child finds it very difficult to adjust and accept the new member. They fear the loss of their own position.

Benefits of therapy for kids –

Counselling helps the kids in talking freely about their problem to someone other than their parents or friends. It gives them the freedom to express themselves without the fear of getting scolded or made fun off. Counselling helps the child in reducing stress and develop interest and hobbies like painting, music or sports. This diverts their energy from their fear or stress in something positive.

It is never too late to look for help, but the sooner you get the help the better it is for the child.

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