Suicide Prevention

Suicide –

The act of taking one’s own life, willingly, is termed as suicide. Everyone goes through various ups and downs, that’s how life is meant to be. We face these problems, learn from them and move ahead. We all are guarded by our survival instincts.

suicideHowever, some people do not have courage left in them to fight the life challenge and they think it is better to put an end to life than going through the trauma.

A death is declared as suicide by Government of India when –

  1. A suicide note from the person is found
  2. Reason of death is unnatural
  3. Person has the intent to end their life and has talked about it with family or friends or someone known

Common reasons why people commit suicide are-

    • Illness
    • Drug abuse
    • Alcohol abuse
    • Love or intimate relation
    • Social reputation issues
    • Family problem
    • Death of close one
    • Dowry
    • Domestic violence
    • Depression
    • Unemployment
    • Failure in loan payment
    • Failure in exam/career


  • Financial crisis or bankruptcy


How can you help?

Whenever we are facing some emotional challenge or stress in life, we tend to talk or discuss it with our close friends or family members. We all have been on the listening side too. If you find a sense of self-destruction or suicide in their talk or thought process, then you should seek an immediate help. Ignoring or taking the guidance role in your hand is not the right solution. It is a matter of someone’s life. You should seek an immediate help if you sense the following –

  • Threat to end life
  • Acquire means to end life like medicines or weapon
  • Depression
  • No purpose of living
  • Self-damage
  • Withdrawal from social life
  • Risky or life threating action

Counselling for suicide –

Counselling for suicide or psychotherapy can be of immediate help to the person who is planning on ending his or her life. The number of counselling sessions depends upon the condition of the patients. Sessions can vary from daily, 2-3 times a week or weekly. In some cases, the patient may need to be hospitalised where they can be under the utmost care and medication.

The preventive step to opt for counselling. A counsellor can help in understanding the emotional problem that the patient is going through. The counselling sessions are of constructive nature. They help regain faith in life and this world. It helps them talk about their fear, stress, anxiety and express their feeling in a safe environment. It guides them towards a positive direction and makes them understand the value of their own life.

Suicide doesn’t not only affect one life but also a life of family and friends.

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