Premarital Counseling


Marriage is the most important decision of our lives. It is not just a social ritual, a ceremony but an emotional and spiritual union of two different individuals. It is a commitment of love and respect to each other. Every marriage is based on love, respect, trust, patience, belief, acceptance and a few hiccups.

Premarital Counselling Service

Premarital counselling is a pre-run before marriage. It is a peek-a-boo in the future married life. It helps you understand how your life is going to change for good. It prepares you for the up-coming changes and challenges.

Premarital counselling is a therapy given to couples who have decided to commit to each other for forever. It helps you to better understand your partner, their requirement, their behaviour, their emotional strengths and weaknesses. Every relation is bound to go through some conflict or discussion or difference of opinion, which is completely normal. Premarital counselling helps you identify the areas or topics of conflict. It helps you identify where your thoughts, idea or behaviour may clash with your partner. It guides you on how to deal with those challenges, how to respond or react to a situation which you do not agree to.

Premarital counselling gives a healthy start to a new relationship. It can help discuss the serious matters or issues like finance, freedom, long term goals, career, parent’s involvement, children and other sensitive issues.

Premarital Counsellor –

Premarital counselling is provided by certified marriage counsellor and family therapist. Their therapies can be couple therapy with private sessions or you can also choose to join a group or workshop. One can also refer to books, research papers or online sessions and videos. In personal therapy, both the partners get a chance to explain what marriage in general means to them, how they picture life after marriage, what the current relationship with their fiancé means to them now and how they would like the relation to grow. Premarital counselling is directed towards making the relationship stronger and prepare the couple for the future.

Premarital Counselling Challenges –

Some people may hesitate and do not agree to the idea of premarital counselling. They may fear that the partner might get to know more about them. Well, this is more reason to choose for premarital counselling. This will help you come out of the fear and reduce your stress and anxiety about marriage and your partner. It will only help you develop faith and trust in your partner and yourself.

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