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On an average, every educated person has spent at least one/fourth part of life on academics or studying. It holds a very important place in our life especially as it in our initial stage of life. This phase is a learning experience and shapes our future. It can be stressful too as one must make different choices, face various challenges, competition and test. One needs to prove the potential and make right choices for future.

There are two types of counselling-

academic-concern-1Student counselling for stress

In school and college, every student goes through various levels of stress. These stresses may be about the examination, extracurricular activities, peer pressure, the stress of not making friends or not being liked by friends. These stresses are temporary and usually subsides with time. Student counselling can help you overcome your fear and stress. It can help you quickly recover from small setbacks. It can guide you in a better direction and encourage to make a better decision and face fear. Our Counselling Services can clarify how to deal with stress or unhappy situation. It helps you identify a positive path for accepting fear and fighting in a difficult situation.

Career counselling

Career counselling helps you understand your interest, choices and potential. You may be interested in a career but that may not be a career choice of your potential. Alternatively, you may have higher potential but simpler career interest. It is very important to choose a career where your interest meets your potential and you set the right career goals for life.

Benefits of career counselling

Know your self –

Career counselling helps you understand yourself as a person, your strengths, weakness, potentials, likes, dislikes and comfort area. Career counselling encourages you to choose a profession or career that you like and where your potential meets the efforts required.

Understanding a career choice –


A career is not just a matter of putting in the effort but also other factors, like financial aspect, quality of life, number of hours a profession requires. Every profession is different and need a different set of efforts, time, dedication and comes with benefits and risk of its own. Career counselling helps you understand all the pros and cons of a career choice and guide you towards choosing a better career.

It is humanly incorrect to think that every person is good at everything. Every individual is different and has different potential and talent. It is better to identify your potential and drive all the efforts in doing what you are naturally gifted with.

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