Individual Counselling

Personal counselling

Personal counselling is an arrangement of personal or individual sessions with the therapist. These sessions are strictly confidential and stay between the counsellor and the client.

Need for personal counselling –

Everyone goes through various ups and downs. Sometimes we balance easily while sometimes we trip and fall. This is a part of life. Sharing these problems with close friends and family makes you feel light and help you recover. Sometimes you may need more than just sharing. Sometimes you need professional advice to reach to the depth of the problem.


Personal counselling helps you to understand the root cause of the problem. Our behaviour is governed by various underlying reasons which we may not be aware of. For example, you may feel that you have a phobia of speaking in public, it makes you nervous and makes you sweat. The underlying reason may be a failure at some debate competition in school life. Perhaps, you were mocked or bullied a lot in school. A counsellor helps you reach to that underlying cause. This will help you solve the problem and move ahead and not just ignore the problem.


Reasons for personal counselling –

There may be different reasons why one opts for personal counselling. Here are few of them –

  1. Forgive and forget is not your policy – You may find it very difficult to forgive people for what they did to you. You may, also, find it very difficult to forget what happened with you. Both the cases, hold you back from growing and you may feel that it is taking most of the energy and by the end of the day, your mind is completely exhausted. Personal counselling can help you learn the art of forgiving and moving ahead in life.
  2. Career growth – From our childhood, we all have been asked the same question – “What do you aspire to be?”. That is how we picture our whole life. Sometimes we may feel lost in a career path or we may feel that our performance is not as per potential. There can be different reasons for that. Competition at work, humiliated by manager or colleagues, feeling lost in organization, can be one of them. Therapy helps you understand and overcome that problem.
  3. Fitness goals – Fitness goals demand strong will power and mental strength and not just physical energy. Personal counselling can help achieve these goals by removing the mental barrier.
  4. Personal behaviour – You may not be happy with your behaviour. You may be aware of your own irrational behaviour. You may feel that this behaviour is not in your control but you end up hurting others, especially near family and friends. It is self-realisation for help and therapy can be a productive solution to it.

There may be various other reasons for personal counselling. Personal counselling is a productive way to move forward in life.

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