Depression Counselling

You are not alone!!

Feeling sad / disinterested / lost / demotivated? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Every living being on this earth goes through this phase at some point. Some people recover quickly while some take a little more time. The only thing sure about this feeling of being alone or being left out or feeling disinterested is that this will go away, for sure!

What is Depression –

Sadness, unhappiness, low spirit, gloominess is some of the literal definitions of depression and we all have experienced it. The degree of this feeling may differ for every person. Some people choose to close their heart to this feeling while some choose to open and understand what is going within. If this feeling is persistent for more than two weeks and you feel it is stopping you from being yourself then this is not just a phase and is called clinical depression.

Ignorance is not always a bliss. If you feel disinterested in the things you were earlier interested in and if this feeling is prolonged then it is the right time to ask for help. Good news is that though this is a health hazard and should not be ignored it is also curable. The earlier you recognise that you or your loved one is suffering, the quicker you should seek help.

Is Anxiety & Depression the same?

Remember when you are up for an interview or an exam or meeting someone for the first time and there are butterflies in the stomach and you feel like running away from the situation, that nervousness is anxiety and not depression. People often use these terms interchangeably which is incorrect. Anxiety & Depression and two different terms.

Symptoms of Depression –

  • Loss of Interest
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of appetite or irrational appetite
  • Loss or increased sleep
  • Under confidence or over powering everyone
  • Feeling of guilt or ashamed or fear
  • Irrational crying
  • Easily hurt (by anyone and everyone)
  • Difficulty in making every decision

Do I need professional help –

If self-motivation & family support is not helping to get back to normal and the feeling is persistent then professional help can be of great help. A mild depression can be cured by counselling and therapy sessions alone. Counselling can help bring out and identifying the real cause. Depression is a mental illness and can be treated but will not disappear if ignored. A professional counselling is the first step towards solving the problem for forever.

We at Mindgroom, create balance in your day, Include activities every day in which you gain a sense of Achievement, Connection with Others, Enjoyment, Practice gratitude and a platform where one can share his thoughts and feelings.

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