Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling –

Relationship counselling not only refers to the relationship with a spouse or between girlfriend and boyfriend but also other important relations, like relation with parents, friends, in-laws, grandparents, office colleagues or siblings.

Relationship with parents –

Our relationship with our parents is the most important relationship. It starts even before we came out to this world. Our relationship with parents may not always be very good. There can be differences due to the generation gap, protective behaviour of parents, a difference of opinion, career choices of the child. It will not be fair to say that always one of the parties are at fault.

Counselling helps in understanding each other’s point of view and reasons for behaviour. Counselling between parents and children are designed to bring them closer.

Relationship with siblings –

A relationship between siblings can be tricky. They can either be the best of friends or can have a bitter relationship. Siblings are often compared with each other in areas of education, looks, social behaviour, career choices. This comparison can build grudges between the siblings and can end up with the siblings not even sharing a normal conversation.

Counselling with siblings or for a relationship with siblings can be very helpful in clearing the differences and eliminating the feeling of competition. It can help them become the best of friends. After all, siblings are the closest relationship with our parents and are meant to stick with each other in good and bad times.

Intimate relationship –

The intimate relationship is a relationship between spouse or boy/girlfriend or live-in partners or lovers. We may not always agree with our partners, which can lead to conflicts or small arguments. Relationship counselling can help in resolving conflicts and help build a stronger relationship with our partner. It can help understand each other’s intent behind an action, which we may not otherwise understand or may not agree with. It can also help discuss serious and controversial issues like career choices, financial matter, family planning, emotional or physical intimacy.

Relationship with friends –

Falling out of a healthy friendship can affect us emotionally. This can lead to less concentration on studies or career or another day to day activities. This can make some people feeling low or depressed. Counselling can help you overcome this sad and depressing feeling. It can help you gain the courage to apologise and forgive. It can also help you move forward in life and make new friends.

All our relationships are important for us. Every relationship we share has a different impact on our life. Relationship counselling can help you improve your relationship with others and also with yourself.

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