Couple Counselling


Marriage or Couple Counselling

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two different people and families. It brings two different individuals together. It will not be fair to consider that two individuals will have same opinion or belief because they are married. They may have different preferences and the different mindset. This can sometimes cause conflict between the two. It is completely normal for two people to have small tiffs or fight, but if the conflicts are regular and often ends up with the fight then marriage counselling can be of a great help. Marriage counselling is also called couple counselling.

Marriage is an emotional relationship and takes time for both husband and wife to become emotionally connected and dependent on each other. These emotional needs increase with time and grow stronger as you spend more time.

There are different reasons which can drive the need for marriage counselling –

  • Professional stress extended to personal relation
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Family interference
  • Family pressure
  • Over Possessiveness
  • Insecurity
  • Communication issues
  • Ego issues
  • Difference in emotional intimacy
  • Difference in sexual intimacy

Why should you choose a marriage counsellor?

A marriage counsellor brings in professional expertise which can guide the couple towards a positive direction. A counsellor is not a personal acquittance or a friend to either husband or wife. Both the parties have the freedom to talk freely. There is no fear of being judged by anyone. A counsellor listens to both the sides of the story and will be able to help without taking sides. A counsellor is a certified professional and knows how to help you understand the real problem.

Benefits of marriage counselling –

Healthy way – Marriage counselling helps you resolve your conflict in a healthy manner. Normally, in a conflict couples blame each other and end up hurting more. Counselling helps you understand each other’s point of view rather than blaming.

Better communication – Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. Counselling can help both of you identify a better way to communicate with each other.

Better expression – Counselling helps you talk about unresolved issues and understand how to express or discuss the issue which is hurting you.

Better understanding – Couple counselling can help you understand your partner’s requirement and behaviour which otherwise may not have been able to understand. This can help improve on emotional intimacy.

It is never too late to choose to improve an intimate relation. If your spouse does not agree, then you alone can also take the couple counselling sessions alone.

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